About Our Rental Space

The Corner Ballpark presented by Adient boasts a variety of spaces from Conference Rooms, to Banquet Halls, to a full-size Baseball Field. Some of our spaces are customizable, which means they can accommodate a large variety of event types. Below you’ll find some additional information about our spaces.

Banquet Room

This space can be rented as a single large or two smaller rooms. Whether rented as one or two spaces, the layout is fully customizable. See examples of room layouts and other space information below.

If you prefer to check out our spaces without having to come to us, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our virtual tours below.

Entire Room(Hall A + Hall B)

Total Capacity:
Seated: 300
Standing: 500
Square Feet: 4,284
Length: 125ft
Width: 45ft

Hall B

Total Capacity:
Seated: 224
Standing: 481
Square Feet: 2,528

Hall A

Total Capacity:
Seated: 110
Standing: 235
Square Feet: 1,756

Large Conference Room

Total Capacity:
Seated: 25

Square Feet:

Small Conference Room

Total Capacity:
Seated: 15

Square Feet:


Sporting Event (includes concourse)

Tournament (includes concourse)


Other Spaces @ TCB

Here are a few of our common spaces at TCB.


Located Just Outside
The Banquet Rooms


Located Just Below The Patio


Included With:

Sporting Event Rentals 

Tournament Rentals

Main Entrance

Our Main Entrance Off
Michigan Ave